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Lansing offers some of the finest florists around, which is great because choosing your florist is an important decision! Think about it - you're choosing someone to provide your bouquets, centrepieces, and any floral decorations for your reception. Again, Lansing has some great florists, but you'll need to find one to suit your needs. Consider what you're looking for. Do you want specially colored roses or exotic flowers that will need be specially ordered? If so you'll need to make sure your florist has the proper time gather these flowers. As with any vendor, ask to see samples of the florists' work. Even if you find someone with all the flowers you're searching for, you need to know if they put them together a style you like. Communicate what you're looking for and if possible have photos of what you're wanting.

Several trends are emerging when it comes to floral arrangements. Some brides are going the DIY route with their bouquets and centerpieces, and some are even foregoing traditional floral bouquets and opting for paper flowers, knitted or crocheted flowers, and even vintage-inspired brooch bouquets! There are so many beautiful possibilities for all of these options, so be imaginative! Whether you're making them on your own or not, make sure your floral arragments are something you'll love whether they're real flowers, paper flowers, knitted flowers, or brooches!