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Choosing your wedding dress, in addition to being an important task, is perhaps the most fun part of wedding planning! Every little girl dreams of their perfect wedding dress and there's nothing like the excitement of finally finding it, or the surprise of falling in love with a dress that is nothing like you had imagined yourself in before. There's so many style of wedding gowns and it's hard to imagine what a particular style will look like once you're wearing it, so whether you've got your heart set on a full princess skirt, beaded embroidery, lace details, or a cathedral train, be sure to take your time and try on everything - you never know what you'll find! Lansing is home to several bridal salons that carry countless beautiful wedding gowns, so you're sure to find something to suit your tastes in the area.

If you're on a tight budget for your gown, be upfront with that at the salon before you start trying them on. Don't fall in love with a dress over your budget unless you're able to make that exception or if you're lucky enough to have mother, grandmother or other family member who is willing to help out if you're perfect dress is a couple hundred dollars more than you have to spend. Keep and open mind on styles and enjoy this time!